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New? Old? Fake?

In recent events, Crynx has expanded our presence into Taiwan. However, there is a controversy that has been going around about the different packaging seen in Taiwan and Malaysia.

As Crynx is undergoing a few major changes this year, one of the very first things to notice will be the change of packaging. All of our products will be transformed into a new and better-looking appearance. However, these new appearances will be introduced by stages throughout the year.

The new Crynx Ascend Spray bottle in rose gold was brought into Taiwan for an exclusive launch and will be here in Malaysia soon! At this moment, we are working on our new E-commerce webpage where customers will be able to buy directly from our website. The new Ascend Spray bottle will be exclusive only to those who purchase from our main e-commerce platform.

As of now, for anyone who is still confused, Crynx Malaysia will be using the bottle in pearl white until the launch of our e-commerce. Nevertheless, do not worry about packaging differences as it is originally from Crynx as long as it comes directly from all our authorised resellers. The award-winning 1-minute lifting spray remains as powerful as before, for those who have not tried it, be prepared to see the miracle spray in action with visible effect and differences within 60 seconds!

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