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How to use Crynx Ascend Spray and See Visible Effect

Eager to get your hands on the magical Crynx Ascend Spray? Curious to find out if it is as effective as it claims?

If you are new and purchased your first spray, here is a simple guide to ensure a visible effect and make a comparison on your first experience.

STEP 1 - Take a picture for reference later.

STEP 2 - This step is crucial.

It can be exhilarating to test the spray's effect, however, if you would like to see visible results, please AVOID spraying both sides on the face. We highly recommend picking a side to spray as spraying thoroughly will lift both sides, making it hard to make any comparison.

STEP 3 - Wait for a few seconds.

For Crynx Ascend Spray Classics, it will take about 60 seconds to see results, whereas Crynx Ascend Spray V2 will take less than 10 seconds.

After spraying onto the face, do not tap or wipe it dry. Allow the formulation to absorb deep into the skin and wait for the magic to happen!

STEP 4 - Compare!

We recommend taking another picture and make a comparison before spraying.

Areas to take note:-

  • As it lifts sagging skin, the Jawline and height will be noticeable

  • As it firms, the width will be noticeable

  • Cheeks

  • Eyes slightly slanting

Each of our skin is different. Some may have a more obvious experience in:-

  • Lighten fine lines

  • Lighten eye bags

  • Lighten Wrinkles

Most Frequently Asked Questions:-

Is there any Chemical in it?

No. We do not use any chemical in any products and only uses natural ingredients.

Is Crynx Ascend Spray a temporary lifting spray? How long will it last?

No, it is not a temporary effect (that last a few hours) neither it is permanent. We need to first understand the science behind our skin. Our skin is alive and renews every 28 days.

By spraying once every morning will last you the whole day. But daily exposure to the sun and other external environments will cause our skin to age rapidly and causes it to sag. Thus, it is essential for daily maintenance.

Will it be "washed away" after rinsing?

No. Crynx Ascend Spray is formulated with premium ingredient embedded into smallest droplets that quickly absorbs into the skin making your skin lifts and firms from within. It is not made out of wax-based. It is non-oily and non-greasy that makes you look fresh all day long!

Can I spray with my make-up on?

Yes. You can spray at any time you desire even with your make-up is on. It will also help to prolong your make-up as well.

Is it safe to spray during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe.

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