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Did you know the importance of moisturiser?

Our facial skin is one of the most dominant features on our body, which gives ample reasons for constant attention to obtaining younger and healthier-looking skin. Thus, daily moisturising is highly recommended, yet, many felt that it is unnecessary.

Yes, moisturiser plays a significant role in achieving youthful skin. Our facial skin is susceptible to environmental changes, often by daily exposure to the sun that causes facial skin to shed cells much faster. Without proper moisture, it will either develop dehydration which wrinkles and fine lines will appear or oiliness that will cause acne breakouts.

Moisturiser reduces the chances of encountering skin problems by repairing and regenerating skin cells while allowing it to balance skin complexion.

Crynx Charming is the latest ultra-hydrating moisturiser, formulated with sweet almond oil rich in Vitamin E that keeps your skin healthy, soft and dewy. The feather-light creamy texture equipped with water burst technology that burst into tiny water droplets upon contact helps to quickly absorb into the skin and forms an invisible protective layer against UV damages.

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