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Is Your Skin Fully Protected Under The Mask?

The on-going global pandemic has impacted most of our daily lives with the requirement of adapting the new normal. As we are adjusting to new behaviours from the way we dine-in, shop, or work, practising social distancing is crucial. At the same time, now, one of the most essential accessories to always bring alongside is a face mask.

The World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations face masks for slowing the spread of the virus.

While the face mask helps to prevent the spread of viruses, can it protect your skin from the accumulated bacteria within the covered area as most of us may require to wear the surgical mask throughout the day? Some may experience irritation of the skin, inflammation or even acne breakouts.

The importance of an excellent regular skincare routine can prevent these side-effects from appearing. We recommend using Crynx Snowflake Cleanser that is gentle on your skin that helps nourishes while repairing and revitalising cells from deep within as it cleanses and exfoliates.

Furthermore, by using Crynx Aura Plus serum, a powerful combination after cleansing that prevents acne-breakout while accelerates skin restoration giving your skin a smooth and healthy luminous glow.

Lastly, Crynx Ascend Spray V2, the magical spray that lifts, firms and tightens while keeps your skin moisturised all day.

Preserve your beautiful, youthful and healthy-looking skin without any limitations. Are you ready to create another beautiful day today?


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