Media has set beauty standard so high that caused the growing demands for cosmetics in the markets. Moving from the age of technology into the age of information, combining both demands and technology that creates bigger opportunity for the beauty industries. The hunger for beautiful and youthful skin is no longer impossible and is easily fulfilled and purchased through the cyberspace.

Due to the wide upcoming opportunities in the internet, conducting business online is no longer a unique feature, but it has become common and a frequent usage in our daily purchasing lives.

While Crynx strongly believes that true beauty is being yourselves and encourages confidence and comfort in your own skin, we also recognized Crynx as a philosophy and believes in the power of creation. Our values is what sets us apart from many brands today.




We believe in innovative   CREATION

While there isn't a one size fit all solution, we carefully formulate effective and practical skincare products. Hence, expanding Crynx through multiple stream of online businesses creates not only opportunity, but also seek to educate and create many new entrepreneurs

Although there is thousands of skincare brands around the world, our vision for Crynx is to be recognized not only with the effectiveness of our formula, but also our concept behind every ideas

Our plans must equipped with unique   CONCEPT

Our key believe is   CONFIDENT

Confidence is the key. Without a doubt that there are many ways to enhance one’s beauty. However, we believe everyone is beautiful and should be confident with their own skin. The reflection of beauty is reflected from within. The importance of gaining confidence is not only for the products, but the team and the customers as well

We emphasized on   COMMUNICATION

Modern technology has granted us flexibility and also convenience in our daily lives. While we are getting more dependent onto technologies, we encourage live communication and develop personal relationship with the customers and the team

It all matters because we   CARE

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