Upcoming Crynx 2019

Crynx has come a long way, from a few individuals and now grown into a big group. Behind all these achievements, comes along blood, sweat and tears. However, Crynx did not come this far without the team.

A short recap of 2018, we encountered highs and lows throughout the year. We had our annual dinner as we celebrate together with our members for their amazing efforts, and have a few roadshow events along the way. Meanwhile, we reshuffled the team top management that may have caused a slight set back. But the team held strong and pushed forward that resulted into receiving 4 awards including 2 overseas recognition which was overwhelming. Again, credit for all this award goes back to the team! We had 2 incentive trips for the high target hitters and lastly, we have expanded our presence into Taiwan.

As we gather all the experiences and understanding obstacles which revolves in 2018, here are some of the major concerns.

We have received massive amount of request on understanding the products and business plans, which is partly a good news. However, although many have heard of Crynx, yet they are still confused over the best place to purchase it. Having to search on web or social media, Crynx appears to be everywhere, even on marketplaces. Most importantly, what is the actual price?

Secondly, internet business has taken over by storm. It has massively changed the way the world operates business. It changes our behavior of receiving information as well as the way we purchase items. It is true, we enjoy the fact that convenience is the key, but not all news and items found from the internet appears genuine. And overtime, many bad press starts appearing over bad products being sold online that falsely claims products and does more damage instead. Consumers are now more aware over the selection of things they purchase on the internet.

So here's the big question, whats next for Crynx Malaysia in 2019?

In order for Crynx to grow further, some implementation has to made. Crynx will be introducing our very own e-commerce platform and it can only be purchase through our web page. We are uniting all customer into one point of sales. This will reduce the confusion on the place to purchase.

Meantime, customers are more confident that each product purchase comes directly from the company without doubting its if it is genuine. However, customers will be required to sign-up an account in our system. Part of the benefit having an account is that points will be introduce in our system to reward our frequent customers. There will be more upcoming products this year and will be first given priority to our members.

A new outlook of our packaging is in progress. This year will be an exciting year, it is time for Crynx to grow bigger nationwide and step up in our game.

Be sure to stay tune!