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Crynx Malaysia E-Commerce is now LIVE

Where do we buy Crynx Products? Great News! Everyone from Malaysia and Singapore can now purchase from our E-commerce platform. However, please take note that ANY PURCHASES made by customers will only be sent out on the 9th of May 2019. As of now, the payment gateway made available is through Paypal, Debit or Credit card. We will soon be including FPX as part of the additional payment method.

The long-awaited system which was planned since last year is finally connected. We sincerely apologize for the long delay and have kept both our partners and customers waiting.

As we are moving forward into the digital Era, our objectives are security and convenience to ensure our products and services delivery maintain the highest quality possible.

We do, however, are expecting some errors to appear at the beginning of this transaction, but do not worry, the team will be working 24/7 to ensure the system constantly updated and data is securely backed up. Any error encountered will be recorded and fix soonest possible. Despite some current limitations, many features will be implemented and improved very soon as we believe this system provides endless possibilities.

For all our existing customers, we highly recommend registering a customer account to enjoy the benefit of collecting Loyalty Points to exchange our exclusive products. You may contact your existing servicing agent to guide you on creating your account. We will soon introduce Birthday perks for all our loyal customers, so stay tuned!

For any new customers, you may visit the platform and register a new account. The system will assign you a servicing agent to assist you with any inquiries.

For anyone who is interested to be part of our family, first, register a customer account. Similarly, as above, a servicing agent is assigned to you and you may inquire further about our agency. If you are keen, you may request to be an agent through the customer account.

For all our existing partners, this system will be a great extension for your business. It helps you to monitor your sales and inventory with many upcoming features to ensure your operation is well organized and user-friendly. Now you can work anywhere in the world while having full control of your business in the palm of your hands!

Once again, we thank you for your patience and kind understanding. For anyone who is interested, you may visit

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