Discover the mysterious world of enchanted forest, where the old stories about the secrets of the magical ingredient lays deep within. It was believed that these hidden recipe contains a powerful elixir that unlocks the timeless beauty and rejuvenation. 

After years of research, Crynx has developed the ultimate formula and present its power to your hands. Crynx Enchanted Forest contains 5 mythical serums that allows you to mix and match (up to 26 different mixtures) accordingly to your own daily needs. 

All of these mixtures are absorb into our beautiful lace mask for a complete beauty experience. To enhance the effect, use the divine water spray before applying the mask to intensify the result by hundredfold. 


Known as a super ingredient, Chamomile obtains various powerful properties for skin such as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and essential oil, plus, it is hypoallergenic that helps to soothe skin irritation by protecting it from radical free damages.

It also contains Calendula Extract, a natural oil which is extracted from marigold flowers widely used as an alternative remedy to treat many skin conditions while improving the quality of the skin. This ingredient highly promotes wound healing as it reduces inflammation, and makes it highly recommended for healing redness, acne and sunburn. 

To maximize its potential, Aloe Vera, gain it's name as "plant of immortality" by the Egyptians, added alongside strengthen its healing effect, which makes this the perfect choice for rejuvenating your skin.


Super moisturizing, cooling, soothing and nourishing 

Awakens and refreshes the fatigue skin


Unclog and cleanses pores 


Rich in flavonoids and antioxidant that prevents aging skin

Treats acne and sunburn 


Sharpen the swords and gear up as we gather the knights! Not to worry, no dragons or any sort of animals were harm during this adventure. The fact is that Dragon Blood has no relation to any animal and no, it is not actual blood as we speak. Gotten its name because of its dark red liquid or specifically, “sap”, found in Croton Lechleri tree.


Great healing ability and clear blemishes

Fight cellular damage and prevent signs of aging

Treat open-pores

Rich in vitamin and minerals

Protects from free radicals

Makes your complexion glow

Smoothen and hydrates skin

Creates a protective layer over your skin

Nevertheless, dragon blood has a long history of medication usage. For many centuries, these sap has been applied on wounds to stop it from bleeding while accelerate healing creating a protective layer from any infections. It has also been used to treat fever, inflamed gums and stomach ulcers. It is often recommended in Peru for haemorrhaging, cancer treatment, and works well as a therapy for skin disorder.

With its powerful ability, dragon blood was introduced into skincare as it helps to reduce irritation and inflammation. It also forms a protective barrier on your skin, also known as “second skin” that firms your complexion while retaining its glow.

To maximize the effect, Crynx has added Tomato extract and pomegranate extract, which is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, carotenoids and a high level of lycopene making it effective in tightening pores, treating acne and hydrating the skin.

The mysterious moonstone, a precious stone filled with magical energy known to promote calm, peace and balance. This glorious stone bares many myths, legends and was known to obtain powers of protection in Greece, and traditionally used in Egyptian healers to harmonize and protects the body. A legendary piece known to travellers as their guardian stone



Reduce wrinkles

Increase skin elasticity



Suitable for sensitive skin

Moisturising & hydrating

Nevertheless, this luxurious stone consist abundance of copper along with powerful substance that preserves and cleanses the skin that prevents from aging and oxidative stress. Research has proven that it is effective in skincare as it contains elements that operates many levels of antioxidant which targets free radicals. Studies has also shown that it was effective in boosting the amount of collagen which helps in achieving youthful skin.


Additionally, Biosaccharide Gum 1, a polysaccharide derived from fermenting plants, was added into the formula. It is to enhance the effect of anti-aging, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. It works through hydrating the skin with binding process of skin and water that makes the skin soft and smooth.


Caviar Lime, or commonly known as finger lime, a fruit found from rainforests in Australia where natives have been using it as a valuable source of medication for thousands of years. Due to its high concentration of vitamin C, it increases collagen and healing ability that helps tighten the skin, slows down aging and essential for glowing skin. It also contains citric acid and AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids) that helps to gently cleanses clogged pores and exfoliate skin resulting a more youthful, smoother and brighter skin.

To strengthen the formulation’s ability, we included kakadu plum known as the superfood, the world richest source of vitamin C, fifty times more than the amount found in oranges. It is filled of bioactive and antioxidants that detoxify and flushes out the toxins from your skin.


Centella Asiatica also known as gotu kola or spade leaf, used as a traditional healing herb that has been acknowledged as a core ingredient for skin care in modern science. It has gain the name “herb of longevity” as Elephants enjoys eating these leaves and Elephants are known for their lifespan, concurrently, it has also been spotted that wounded tigers will often roll themselves in these leaves for recovery. Researchers has recommended the usage of this leaf to combat skin conditions like eczema and very effective ingredient for acne prone skin.

Birch extract, another ingredient known for its healing ability was alongside together gotu kola. The idea is to reduce aging spots while improving skin tone, texture of skin and to inspire new collagen growth that reduces wrinkle and fine lines.


Improves moisture

Amazing source of vitamin C

Great against acne

Simulates collagen production


Restores the firmness of tissues and improves elasticity of the skin

Prevents the formation of excessive scars and improves the antioxidants present to the wound

Purify and hydrates skin

Rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins


Beautiful and relaxing. Crynx introduces lace mask to pamper your skin the perfect way. It helps to maximize absorption that complements wonderfully with our serum giving you the best results. Fully hydrate, fresh and shiny baby soft skin.

Firms and protects your skin


Hydrogen molecules selectively target the most cytotoxic hydroxyl radical (OH*). It is simply H2 gas dissolved in the water.

Water containing high concentration of hydrogen molecules has therapeutic benefits in virtually every organ in the body where it exerts antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and anti-allergy actions with no known side effects.

Combats free radical

Fight against aging

Improves skin hydration

Speeds injury recovery

Penetrates deep into the layer of skin allowing the mask effect amplify by hundredfold


Kills acne bacteria


Brightens skin

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